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Date: Sun Sep 25 2016 - 09:02:45

The FAQ is a self-help page where you can hopefully find answers to your problems and questions when using If you are new to, it's advisable to start from the top of the list and work your way down.

Registration & Login

  • I'm new to What to do and where to go?
  • Why do I need to register to use
  • How do I register a new account?

  • Login Problems

  • I've just registered a new account but I can't log in!
  • I'm a frequent user and I cannot log in to!
  • I've registered in the past but now I cannot log in any more!
  • I have lost/forgotten my password. What can I do?

  • My Account

  • Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • I'm worried about security. Is my account secure?
  • I've been banned from Chat and/or Forum!!!
  • Can I share my account with someone else?
  • I've had my account stolen from me!
  • Chat

  • What is Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?
  • How do I chat on
  • What's the Chat server address and port?
  • I have my own IRC program. How do I connect to with it?
  • Is the Chat JAVA Client easy and safe to use?
  • Chat JAVA Client Guide.
  •     JAVA Client - The Basics
  •     JAVA Client - Buttons & Features
  •     JAVA Client - Private Message Window
  • Who is NickDog and why is he/she messaging me?
  • Why do I always join the #fatdog room when I log in to chat?
  • Why do all the chat room names begin with a #hash?
  • Can I make my own chat room? The current rooms are boring!
  • What is "Channel Operator Status" and what can I do with it?
  • What are the "Channel Operator" commands?
  • Why does my user address look strange on Chat?
  • What is a HOSTNAME?

  • Chat Forum

  • Where can I get help with the Chat Forum?
  • Why can't I register on the Chat Forum?
  • When I try to post, or view user info, it asks me to login?
  • Can I use my own avatar(s) on the Chat Forum?
  • What are "Ranks" in the forums?

  • General Information

  • The Network Rules & Guidelines.
  • I'm new to What to do and where to go?
  • I've found a bug or error on
  • I have a cool idea that I'd like to see on
  • Is there something like a developers blog for
  • Reporting other users.
  • Why should I report another user, when, and for what?
  • "I fink suxxx 'n I want y'all 2 know it!"
  • I'm tired of this bullshit... now I want to complain!!!

  • Help!

  • My problem is not covered in this FAQ or the forum FAQ!

  • Facts

  • Tell me more about the network.
  • Server Info
  • What is an administrator and what do they do?
  • What is a staff member and what do they do?
  • Who are the's Administrators & Staff members?
  • Who choose the name "FatDog" and why?

  • Registration & Login

    I'm new to What to do and where to go?
    Hello and welcome! The network is for people who enjoy chatting with others over the Internet by a method known as Internet Relay Chat (IRC). So, if that's not your cup of tea then this, perhaps, is not the right place for you to be. provides a Chat Server where users are able communicate with each other in a typed (text only) manner. There's also a Chat Forum for users to interact with other users. These are the places where people usually make, and find, their own entertainment. You must register an account with in order to use the services provided on this network.

    Why do I need to register to use
    You need to register in order to use Chat and post on the Forum. Certain features of will be unavailable to you until you are logged in as a registered user. It only takes a few moments to register and become a member of , and then you're all set to join in the fun!

    How do I register a new account?
    To register a new account click on the Register button at the top of this page. You will then be presented with the new account registration page. Fill in your details in the text boxes and click the Register button at the bottom. Now is the time you should make a note of your username (nickname) and password for future reference. You will now be presented with a message informing you that an email has been sent to the address you specified during registration with a confirmation code and a URL link. If you do not see this message it will be an error message informing you that there has been an error in one (or more) of the items of data you tried to submit. The notice will inform you which of the details caused this error. Simply correct your details and click the Register button once again and you will then be presented with the screen that tells you an email has been sent.

    The email will contain a confirmation code and a URL link. You can either; copy and paste the code into the Confirmation ID text box on the registration page, or you can click the URL link. Both methods will have the same effect. If you did not receive this email from , click the resend email button on the registration page. Another email will be sent to you. When you have entered the confirmation code from the email into the registration page, or clicked the URL link, you will then be taken to a confirmation screen notifying you that your registration was successful.

    Congratulations and welcome, you are now a new member of

    Login Problems

    I've just registered a new account but I can't login!
    First, check your username and password. Make sure they are correct. Try re-registering using the same details to make sure the system has previously accepted your registration details. If the system tells you the name you chose has already been registered and your password is not working, try using the forgotten password function. Another consideration may be, is your JAVA up to date? Users who have previously had no problems using FatDog, who now find they cannot login even after retrieving their password through the forgotten password facility, should contact the Admin's for assistance.

    I'm a frequent user and I cannot log in to
    Make absolutely sure your username and password are correct. If they are, clear out your Internet browser cache (Google may help in achieving this) and try logging in again. If that doesn't work, download and install the latest version of JAVA. If this is the first time you're trying to login and it's just not working, maybe try registering your details again in case there was a mistake the first time. Alternatively, register a new account and see if that works for you. You could also try logging in from another computer to see if the problem is with the computer you're currently using. If all else fails, you can contact the Admin's and ask for assistance with your problem(s).

    I've registered in the past and now I cannot log in any more!
    It is possible your account has been deactivated or deleted for some reason. This may be due to you being inactive on for a while. Admin's periodically remove users who have been inactive for a period of time (after approx. 30 days of inactivity or more), mainly to reduce the size of the database and maintain good housekeeping. If this has happened, try registering again and make plans to visit on a more regular basis in future.

    I have lost/forgotten my password. What can I do?
    You can request for your password to be reset, and will send you a new password to the email address you used to register your account. This will allow you to login and set/change the password to your own preference. To reset your password and request a new one click HERE.

    My Account Terms & Conditions of Use.
    Click HERE to read the Terms & Conditions of Use. Privacy Policy.
    Click HERE to read's Privacy Policy.

    I'm worried about security. Is my account secure?
    It's very secure. Unless you physically, or verbally, give your account details to someone else, there's no chance of them being discovered, or otherwise obtained, by anyone using the network.

    I've been banned from Chat and/or Forum!!!
    If you feel, due to whatever reason(s) you have been banned, that the judgment was unfair, you can contact the Admin's to discuss it. You can do this on either, the chat server, or the forum, or via the contact page, depending on your predicament.

    Can I share my account with someone else?
    No. You must not allow your account to be used by someone other than you. If you do so, you are putting the security of your account at risk. Additionally, any person you allow to use your account could potentially abuse/misuse it and get you (the rightful owner) into serious trouble. What does it matter to them if they get you banned from the network? It's not their account, so no problems for them anyway! Never share your account details, or allow them to be obtained, by anyone else.
    FatDog Hint: No Administrator or Staff member will ever ask you for your account details. So never give them to anybody, for any reason! A major cause of breakdowns in security is when information is leaked, or shared. If you keep it to yourself, it's perfectly safe.

    I've had my account stolen from me!
    Please contact the Admin's if you're sure your account is being used by someone else and you cannot log in to it. You must also be able to prove you are the rightful owner of the account. You can contact the Admin's on the chat server, or the forum, or via the contact page. Chat

    What is Internet Relay Chat (IRC) ?
    IRC is an abbreviation of Internet Relay Chat. It's a method by which people communicate over the internet by typing only, instead of using their voice(s).

    IRC lets you talk to other users by means of a text-only interface. People from all over the world can connect to IRC servers. IRC servers are often connected together and relay messages between each other. When IRC servers are connected together in this way you have, in essence, an IRC Network. When you log onto an IRC network, you are connecting to one of the servers on that network. Since all the servers are connected to each other you are able to communicate with all the other users on the IRC network even though they may not be connected to the same server as you. All servers on a network share and have access to the same information. Each server knows who is on the network, what channel that user is on, and which server the user is on as well. IRC servers can be geographically located at opposite sides of the world but when connected to the same IRC network their physical location is not of any concern. Such is the wonder of the Internet.

    IRC servers have chat-rooms, otherwise known as channels. Each channel is devoted to a particular topic. Users can connect to a server and join one or more channels. Channels are usually named with a # symbol in front of them. For example, #fatdog is the Chat channel which every user first joins when they connect to the chat server. When you type anything in a channel, everyone else in that same channel can see/read it too. So you can use IRC to chat publically in channels with other users, but you can also use IRC to chat privately. In private chat, it's a one-on-one conversation where only you and the other user can view and take part in the conversation. That's why it's called private chat, because it is totally private.

    How do I chat on
    First, you must have a registered account. If you do not already have one, register a new account with Once you have logged in with your username and password, click the Chat button. After the page has opened the JAVA chat client will start and you will then be logged in automatically to the Chat server. From there you can start typing and chatting with other users. is soon planning to host it's own CGI:IRC client, allowing users to connect to the Chat server without using the JAVA chat client. Although, the idea is still being formulated, we will keep you posted on any future developments in the Development & Production forum.

    If you are a keen Mibbit user then it is easy to connect to Go to and in the connect window click the Server link . Enter in the Server text box. Then click the Auth link in the server window next to the Server link. In the Nickserv text box type the password you used to register on In the Nick text box type your nickname and the channel box can be left blank, or you can specify the chat room you wish to join on connection by typing the room name in the channel text box. Next, hit the Connect button and you should be logged into and ready to chat just a few seconds later.

    You are also able to connect to Chat using your own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) program, such as mIRC, irssi, pjirc, BitchX, XChat, and many others. Of course, you must have already registered an account with if you wish to use a registered nickname, and then use those same details in your IRC program to login to the Chat server.

    What's the Chat server address and port number?
    The chat server address is:
    The port number is: 6667
    ** Users who have an IRC client installed on their system (e.g. mIRC) can click the server and port links above to connect.

    I have my own IRC program. How do I connect to with it?
    IRC client users (mIRC, irssi, etc.) should open their chat program and type this command:

    Broken down, the command basically means this:
    /server (connect to a remote IRC server) (the address of the chat server - an IP address could also be used here)
    6667 (the port used to connect to the server)
    NB: there is a : (colon) separating the server address and the port number. Usually you do not need to specify the port number (you could just type /server and it should work fine), but if not you should include a port number to see if it fixes the problem.

    Setting up your IRC software configuration differs depending on which program you're using. You should refer to the distributor website of your chosen IRC software (or Google) for any assistance in setting up your nickname, ident, logging options, quit message, custom pop-ups, and/or smilies, etc.

    When you have configured your IRC program, typed the /server address into it, and successfully connected to Chat, you will find yourself in the #fatdog room on the chat server. If you have a registered nickname you will receive a message from NickDog asking you to IDENTIFY as the owner of that nickname. NickDog is the nickname service known on many other networks as NickServ. The password you chose when you registered your account is what NickDog is asking for. If you are the rightful owner of the nickname you are using you need to reply to NickDog using the following command:
    /msg NickDog identify <your_password _here>

    For example, if my password was bam44bam55, this would be the command I would type into my IRC program when NickDog asked me to identify: /msg NickDog identify bam44bam55

    Those who want to use a more standard method of interacting with IRC services, or perhaps use existing scripts to automate certain functions (e.g. identifying to Nickserv on connect), can do so easily on the Chat server by using Nickserv instead of NickDog. Therefore, the following standard Nickserv command will also work:
    /msg Nickserv identify <your_password _here>

    Once you have identified, as the owner of the registered nickname, NickDog will notify you that you are the rightful owner. You can then carry on chatting and having fun from there on. It's worth noting that, every user connecting with a registered nickname in this manner will be asked to identify as the owner of that nickname on each and every separate occasion when they connect to the Chat server.
    FatDog Hint: If you are using your own IRC client to connect to the Chat servers, you still need to register a new account to be able to log in to the Forum.

    Is the Chat JAVA Client easy and safe to use?'s JAVA chat client incorporates some standard features which you will find on many other contemporary Internet chat websites and Internet chat (IRC) programs, such as Mibbit, and the ever popular mIRC. It's as safe and secure as any other chat method employed over the Internet. You can rest easy and have absolutely no worries, or concerns, about security regarding the JAVA client, or any of's other services or systems. We are very security conscious and passionate about the security of our network. Personal security is often down to you and the way you allow others to interact with you when you're on the Internet, or using an Internet chat network, in our case. Always remember, don't share personal/private details with anybody you're not comfortable giving that kind of information to. Nor should you visit any links from, or share any data with, other users whom you're not 100% sure about. It goes without saying, NEVER give out your account details for ANY reason. It's much better to be safe than sorry.

    Take some time to familiarize yourself with the Chat client interface, which is web-based (i.e. it runs from the Internet and not from your computer) and is JAVA driven. So, make sure you have the latest version of JAVA installed on your computer (it's always a good policy to do so in any event). The Chat JAVA client is very user-friendly, and easy to learn. Once you know a few basics you'll be using it like a Pro in no time at all. For new and old users alike, we have published a basic guide on using the Chat JAVA client.

    FatDog Chat JAVA Client Guide. FatDog

    A brief guide on using the Chat JAVA client.

    If you are familiar with using a web-chat JAVA client then you can probably skip this guide. The JAVA chat client is basically the same format and layout as many other web-based chat clients and IRC programs. The illustration below is typically what you will be presented with when you log in to the Chat server using the JAVA client. This is how most users prefer to chat on the network. It's simple to use and easy to master, making it an all-round favourite with new and regular users alike.

    This is the Chat JAVA client running on

    JAVA Client Guide - The Basics

    There are three main areas you need to take note of. These are highlighted for ease of identification in these illustrations.

    Highlighted main areas of the Chat JAVA Client window.

    1. The input text bar is where you type all your text for other people to see, and also any commands. All commands are preceded by a forward slash "/". Otherwise everything else you type will be displayed in the main chat window where all other users in the chat room can read it. A few basic IRC commands used on Chat server can be found HERE, along with some other useful and interesting IRC related information. Typing something in the input text bar and hitting the enter key will display the text you typed in the main chat window which you are currently viewing. This could be either a public chat room or a private chat window.
    FatDog Hint: Make sure you're typing to the right room/person before you hit that enter key!

    2. The main chat window is where you will read any text submitted by other users, and also any server messages or notices about the chat room, and sometimes Chat network notices. You will also see output from some of the IRC commands you type, such as /me says hello. In this window you are able to right click, which opens a text window, in order to cut and paste text, links, etc. It's done this way for security reasons to eliminate the mistake of (accidentally?) clicking on links which may not be safe to click on. It also gives you time to peruse any recent chat activity. The main chat window works exactly the same in private chat too, but without any chat room user list, obviously.

    3. The chat room user list is exactly what it says it is. A list of users currently joined to that particular chat room. Any user has the ability to be present in several chat rooms (up to a maximum of 5) simultaneously. So, you may often see the same name in more than just one chat room that you're joining. You are able to highlight and right click users in this list to view a menu of options for extra interactivity. For example, you can start a private chat with the highlighted chat room user, ignore/un-ignore them, give them a hug/kiss/rose, slap them, offer them a nice hot cup of coffee, or even a dance!

    JAVA Client Guide - Buttons & Features

    Below is a brief explanation of the chat client buttons and their function(s).

    What do all these buttons do?

    1. Status and private chat/message window buttons. This top row of buttons selects any open private chat windows, messages from NickDog, and the server Status window. They become highlighted each time you receive a new message when that window is not currently selected. A highlighted, private chat button will appear each time another user sends you a new private message.

    2. Chat room window buttons. This bottom row of buttons selects any open chat room windows.

    3. The Channels button shows you the total number of chat rooms currently open on the server and their respective number of total users. (Incidentally, "channel" is the correct IRC old-school terminology for a chat room). If you're viewing this list for the first time you need to click the Refresh button to bring up the list of chat rooms. You can then click on a chat room name in the list to join that room. Each time you view the Channel list it's good policy to click the Refresh button to update the stat's.

    4. The Options button opens a new window in which you can modify various settings for the chat client, such as setting a quit message, changing the layout colours, and disallowing private messages. Everything in the options window is self-explanatory and easy to understand.

    5. The Help button opens a new window which shows you a list of smilies you can use with the Chat JAVA client. All smiley's are matched to their corresponding shortcut text for ease of use. (i.e. :-) 8-) B-* :kiss: :rose:, etc.)

    6. The Ignore button is useful for blocking messages (private or public) from specific chat users. First the offending user needs to be highlighted in the chat room user list (by left-clicking on their name once) and then clicking the ignore button. To un-ignore a user you need to right click their name in the chat room user list and select "Un-ignore" from the pop-up menu.

    7. The Exit button, when clicked, will close the active chat room, or private chat, window you are currently viewing.

    8. The Zzz.. link is for when you need to be Away From the Keyboard for a period of time and you wish to let other chat users you are not watching the computer screen. There are various options to choose from regarding your away (AFK) message to other users.

    JAVA Client Guide - Private Message Window

    As well as chatting in public chat rooms, you can also have private chats with other users on Basically, both chat windows work the same but, obviously, there is no chat room user list because there's just you and one other person in the private chat, and that's all there ever will be. In old-school terms this is called a "query" but in modern times people generally just refer to this process as a "private message" or simply, a "pm". To have a private chat with another user you can either; double click a users name in the chat room user list, or, you can right click on a username and select 'Open A Private Discussion' from the menu. This will open a new window in which u can type in complete privacy to another user without anybody else seeing it. Now, let's take a look at the private chat message (query) window, below.

    This is a typical private chat message window in the JAVA Client.

    1. The Infos button will only appear in a private chat window. This button, when clicked, gives you a little information about the user in the private chat with you. Once you have opened a private chat window, there's no need to type anything before you click this button. You can simply open a private chat with a user, click the Infos button, read the result and close the private chat window again. Alternatively, there is an IRC command you can use which produces the same results. The command is: /whois <username>
    For example, if I wanted to view the Infos on a user, called "BoB_m32", this is the command I would type in the chat client: /whois BoB_m32

    2. The Ignore button does exactly the same thing as the Ignore button in any other public chat room. Click it to ignore the user in the open private chat window with you. Right click the username in a public chat room and select "Un-ignore" to remove it.

    3. The Bye button, when clicked, will close the private chat window, ending the chat with the user.

    FatDog JAVA Client Guide - Complete! FatDog

    Who is NickDog and why is he/she messaging me?
    NickDog is the Chat network nickname service. If you have registered an account with then your username (nickname) has been secured and protected, so nobody else can steal it from you and/or cause you any problems by pretending to be you. NickDog is alerted to the fact that someone (i.e. you) has logged in to the chat server with a registered nickname. When you get a message from NickDog you can be sure it has something to do with your chosen nickname. It will never be regarding anything else. NickDog is better known on many IRC networks as NickServ. To ensure the network maintains stability and compatibility, we have made it possible for users to still use NickServ in place of NickDog. This is so that any users with existing scripts installed, or settings, which make use of NickServ will still work perfectly on the Chat servers.

    Here is a typical example of a private message from NickDog. You'll see this message every time you connect to the chat server when using a registered nickname. The format is:
    [Time] | [Nickname] | [Message].
    [11:30] NickDog - This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
    [11:30] NickDog - nick type /msg NickDog IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,
    [11:30] NickDog - please choose a different nick.
    [11:30] NickDog - If you do not change within 20 seconds, I will change your nick.
    [11:30] NickDog - Password accepted - you are now recognized.

    Why do I always join the #fatdog room when I log in to chat?
    You will always join the Chat room once you have connected to the Chat server. It's a network communal room which every user joins, can be greeted, say hello to other users in the room, or just sit back and watch others chatting. users can decide to remain in the Chat room, or it can be closed and you can move to another active room. If none of the current chat rooms appeal to you, you can create your own chat room to invite your friends, and other users, to join you.

    Why do all the chat room names begin with a #hash?
    It's just the way chat rooms are generally known on IRC, and so they can easily be identified as chat rooms (i.e. #fatdog, #help, #sex, #nederland, #etc). Once you know every room begins with a #hash, it's easy to remember.

    Can I make my own chat room? The current rooms are boring!
    Yes, you can create your own chat room(s). Simply type /join #<name of room> and (if it's not already an active chat room name) you will enter that room and be given channel operator status. For example, if i wanted to create a chat room called "Coffeehouse" I would type in the chat client /join #coffeehouse and that chat room (channel) would be created. Now you're ready to start running your own chat room!
    FatDog Hint: Any chat rooms which are created by users are not permanent. They will close once the last user leaves the room. This is so we do not have a multitude of empty chat rooms on cluttering up the channel list, which would only serve to confuse and irritate other users. That's why it is advisable to click the Refresh button in the JAVA client Channel window every time you open/review it.

    What is "Channel Operator Status" and what can I do with it?
    Chat rooms (a.k.a. channels) are run by Channel Operators, also known as "ops" for short, who can control the chat room by utilising IRC commands. Channel ops are able to choose who may enter, or remain, in the room (by "banning" some users), who must leave (by "kicking" them out), and even who may speak (by making the channel "moderated")! Channel ops have complete control over their chat room, and their decisions are usually final. You will always know who is a channel operator because their nickname will be prefixed with an @ symbol. For example, if your username is crazy_girl22, and you are a channel operator, your name will appear in the chat room user list like this: @crazy_girl22

    At some point you will probably want to have a go at being a channel op, either by creating your own new chat room or by gaining the trust of the ops in an existing room. You'll need to know a whole new different set of commands as a channel operator, which gives you some authority over other users. With this power comes the (sometimes frustrating) responsibility of supervising and maintaining a chat room against abusive users, as well as the usual Internet chat drama/rigmarole. If you are a good channel op you could gain a lot of respect and admiration from other users. If you are not such a good channel op you could gain a bad reputation. It's entirely up to you how you manage your own chat room (channel) and the users who frequent it. Staff will never get involved, or interfere, with the way you run your own personal chat room. Unless, of course, there's evidence of any network rule violation(s).

    More information on IRC Channel Operators and channel maintenance can be found HERE.

    What are the "Channel Operator" commands?
    There is an excellent guide for IRC Channel operators, which you can read by clicking HERE. Not all commands on this guide is applicable to FatDog, but most of them are.

    Why does my user address look strange on Chat?
    You "user address" is actually called a hostname and it is assigned to you by the system once you have connected to the chat server. Your hostname will look something similar to this fatdog::kd2.aeb.vbtktu.IP after you've logged in on the Chat JAVA client, and it will also be something similar if you're logging in on an IRC client, such as mIRC or irssi.

    What is a HOSTNAME?
    Definition: "A hostname is a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network and that is used to identify the device in various forms of electronic communication such as the World Wide Web, or e-mail." (or

    It's basically a tag, made up of letters and numbers, assigned to your Internet connection. Hostnames may be simple names consisting of a single word or phrase, or they may have appended the name of a Domain Name System (DNS) domain, separated from the host specific label by a period (.dot). In the latter form, a hostname is also called a domain name. When you look up your own hostname on the internet you will see something like returned as your address. This hostname is given to you by your Internet Service provider (ISP). It's a unique identity and nobody else in the world will have the same one as you. So, it's kind of special and important, in many ways.

    On the Chat server your hostname is masked. This means if another user looks up your online details using the Infos button in a private chat window, or by typing the /whois command, they will see the ident and hostname which assigned to you. It will look something similar to this, dog@fatdog::kd2.aeb.vbtktu.IP. The ident is whatever's before the @ symbol and can be customized in programs such as mIRC and irssi. So your true hostname is not shown and cannot be seen by other users on the Chat server. This means you could very easily tell someone you were located in China, when you were actually in Brazil, or anywhere else in the world, and nobody could prove you wrong. On we feel our members privacy and security is of the upmost importance and this is why your hostname is masked in this way on our network. Chat Forum

    Where can I get help with the Chat Forum?
    There is a Chat Forum FAQ which covers a multitude of problems and issues when using the forum. Click HERE to read it. You can get help with anything not covered by the Chat Forum FAQ by posting your problem/question in the Help! forum. You can also join the #help room on the Chat server to seek assistance.

    Why can't I register on the Chat Forum?
    In order to be able to login to the forums you need to have already created a account by registering. If you haven't already done so, please click HERE, and do it now. You cannot register an account using the Chat Forum. It has to be done exclusively via's registration interface.

    When I try to post, or view user info, it asks me to login?
    A registered account is required to interact with the Chat Forums. Only registered users are able to submit posts, view user information, and have access the full forum list, after logging in. This is to prevent any potentially malicious behaviour by anonymous users.

    Can I use my own avatar(s) on the Chat Forum?
    Yes you can. Avatars which are used on the forum must have a maximum size of 120x120 pixels and not be larger than 18Kbytes. When choosing and using any avatars, remember they must not break any Network Rules!
    FatDog Hint: See the Forum FAQ for answers on how to use avatars.

    What are "Ranks" in the forums?
    Ranking on the Forum is not a social status (although it might be considered as such by some people) but more an indication of a users interactivity on the forums. There are six ranks in total, all of which will award you with a a hot star hot star for each rank you manage to achieve. You won't get your first hot star until you have submitted 5 posts. Your rank will advance after you have submitted a total number of posts on the forum. The exact number of posts required to reach each rank are as follows:

    Puppy Dog  +5 posts - Puppy Dog
    FatDog Regular  +20 posts - FatDog Regular
    FatDog Supporter  +50 posts - FatDog Supporter
    FatDog Friend  +100 posts - FatDog Friend
    FatDog Addict!  +500 posts - FatDog Addict!
    Rolling With FatDog!  +1000 posts - Rolling With

    NB: Please do not abuse the forum ranking system. If you think submitting 50 posts in quick succession (to gain hot star hot star hot star hot stars) is going to go down well with the Admin's, you will be sadly mistaken. Even 20 posts at one time might be considered abuse if those posts did not genuinely fit into any existing forum content. Spamming the forum would be a Network Rule violation, which would probably end badly for you. You're all intelligent enough to recognize this ranking system for the purpose it was intended. Don't let it be the reason for any undue silliness on the forums. That's all asks.

    General Information

    The Network Rules & Guidelines.
    Please take the time to read the Network Rules. We ask that all users agree and adhere to them. Click HERE to read.

    I'm new to What to do and where to go? network is for those who enjoy talking to others over the internet. So, if that's not your cup of tea then this, perhaps, is not the right place for you to be. provides a Chat Server and a Chat Forum for users to interact, and have fun, with other users. These are the places where people usually make, and find, their own entertainment.

    I've found a bug or error on
    If you encounter any speelling misteaks, errors, problems, bugs or things just not working right, please report them accordingly on the Reports & Bugs forum. Especially if it's something that was working for you previously and now isn't for some reason. Your help and assistance in letting us know about such issues is highly valued and greatly appreciated as we endeavour to keep up and running, as smoothly as possible, at all times.

    I have a cool idea that I'd like to see on
    By all means, if you think of something you'd like to see on which is not currently included, or in the pipeline, please let us know by posting any and all suggestions and ideas in the Suggestions, Ideas & Criticism forum. We love to share opinions and work out new ways in which to keep our users happy and entertained. Sometimes we can do that ourselves. Mostly, it's our invaluable members who give us excellent feedback and the really good ideas. Please keep those great suggestions and ideas coming!

    Is there something like a developers blog for
    Yes, there certainly is! Please take a look at the Development & Production forum if you're interested in what's going on in the echelons of D&P. This is where the Admin's and Developers will post any relevant information regarding the current status of the network, as well as any scheduled updates and/or maintenance.

    Reporting other users.
    There may come a time when you feel it is appropriate to make a formal complaint about another user. If your own attempts to resolve the situation(s) has failed and you would like to escalate the matter by submitting a formal complaint, please do so in the Reports & Complaints forum. Matters of this nature will ONLY be dealt with by a Network Administrator, and will be attended to with the upmost of seriousness.

    Why should I report another user, when, and for what?
    Reporting other users on a chat network, such as , helps towards maintaining a sensible balance of decorum. Every chat network in existence has users who care nothing for the rules and/or have little or no respect for other users, and is no exception in that respect. You should report another user when his/her behaviour, towards you personally or in general, breaches the Network Rules and you should do this in the Reports & Complaints forum. It is our goal at to create and maintain a peaceful, sociable, friendly, and trouble-free environment in which all our users can chat and enjoy themselves. If you witness any users attempting to upset the concord of and bring it into jeopardy, please do report them in the Reports & Complaints forum.
    NB: Please be aware that knowingly submitting false and/or fabricated reports is a waste of the Network Admin's time and resources. This type of behaviour will most certainly bear its own consequences (depending on the weight and severity of the matter) which will always be entirely at the Admin's discretion.

    • "I fink suxxx 'n I want y'all 2 know it!"
    "ERM... OK, BUT WE <admin's> KNOW FATDOG ROXXX!!!"  
    At we welcome, and are open to, all criticism, sarcasm, most other *ism's, and all other generally opinionated negativity. If you feel you wish to give your opinion about anything regarding (and it's not a complaint) then please feel free to post in the Suggestions, Ideas & Criticism forum, at your leisure.

    I'm tired of this bullshit... now I want to complain!!!
    If you have any cause or reason for complaint, please visit the Reports & Complaints forum and raise any and all issues there. Your matter will be dealt with by a Network Admin or, in some cases, a member of Staff. Also, please note that this is not the place to be carrying out any personal feuds or bickering. Such behaviour will only cause further complications. Matters which are deemed to be cause for complaint may be found whilst using a little common sense in conjunction with reading, and understanding, the Network Rules. Remember, the problems of others are not always's responsibility to resolve. Ergo, if it's a personal problem - it's not a problem, by rule of thumb. Consequently, we're very open minded at and if you have any reason to complain about the service or treatment you have received whilst using this network then we'd very much like to hear your thoughts and opinions. The Reports & Complaints forum is where you should direct any correspondence.


    My problem is not covered in this FAQ or the forum FAQ!
    If you need more assistance please login to your account and seek help by posting your problem/question in the Help! forum. You can also join the #help room on the Chat server.
    FatDog Hint: Type /join #help when logged in to the chat server to join the #help room. Facts

    Tell me more about
    Aal is the owner of , the Chat Network, and the servers which run on it. He is the BAWZ and Top Dog! FatDog - w00f w00f! is geographically located in the Netherlands Netherlands [NL] [NL]. The Network has a history going back some years. It was initially created by Aal in 2007 as an IRC network, mainly supported by friends and colleagues, running ircd-ratbox. Since that time the Network has gone through many changes but is still here and very active, providing one of the highest quality IRC chat networks, and services, on the Internet! Server Information
    The entire network runs Slackware GNU Linux Slackware 13.37 Linux, exclusively, on all servers. loves Slackware! So, why choose Slackware over other Linux distributions? The humorous answer would be, "Ask Aal about his server uptimes!" because they are HUGE! In all honesty, Slackware is just so stable, and reliable, with excellent security features. Although, it's not usually the version of Linux most experts would recommend you to use. Which, incidentally, might be wise advice, if it was your first venture into the Linux operating system. Slackware has no point-and-click menus or fancy loading screens like most other Linux distributions. It's very UNIX like and most things (if not everything) is done on the command line. However, it's the purity, stability, and reliability, of Slackware, and the fact it's one of the oldest Linux distributions, which makes it a very attractive and well supported platform on which to base a public chat network, such as Patrick Volkerding is Slackware's founder and maintainer.
    FatDog Hint: Would you like to try Slackware Linux yourself? Click HERE for instructions.

    What is an administrator and what do they do on Network Administrators have ultimate control over this network. They are the top echelon of authority. It's their job to maintain the overall integrity of the network, status of the servers, network security, network connectivity in making sure it works flawlessly for all users, and also ensuring that the connectivity throughout the entire infrastructure is on par with technical considerations at the network level. Yes, Network Administrators are always very busy people indeed, but they still try to find the time to have fun, and they love to chat, the same as everyone else does.

    All Administrators on can be recognised by their hostname. It will be something like when you look at their user information. The is the important part. Any user with this in their hostname is a Network Administrator.

    What is a staff member and what do they do? Staff members are appointed ONLY by the Network Admin's. Staff perform tasks and duties assigned to them by the Admin's. Like Admin's, Staff members have a particular hostname to identify them on Chat. It will be something like when you look at their user information. The is the important part. Any user with this in their hostname is a Staff member.

    Who are's Administrators & Staff members? Network Administrators:
    Netherlands [NL]  Aal
    United Kingdom [UK]  Exaga
    Netherlands [NL]  St1 Administrators:
    There are no Administrators currently assigned. Staff:
    There are no staff members currently assigned.

    Who chose the name "FatDog" and why?
    A brief conversation which took place on IRC between Aal and Exaga, sometime during 2005, will explain everything...

    <Aal> I need to walk the dog and I don't really feel like it
    <Phil> why not?
    <Aal> it's raining :(
    <Phil> well, u could wear the dog on ur head...
    that way you'd be taking it for a walk AND stay dry
    <Aal> NO!
    <Phil> wtf not?
    <Aal> because it's a fat dog! lol
    <Aal> :D

    Crazy bastards! (Just kidding guys... Honest!) LoL

    • End of the FAQ